Welcome to Emergency Management

The UNC Asheville Office of Emergency Management provides planning, coordination, and management during any disaster that affects the UNC Asheville campus. We strive to support a coordinated and collaborative program to systematically assess campus vulnerabilities and develop solutions that make UNC Asheville more disaster resilient.

The Office of Emergency Management collaborates with a broad and diverse group of emergency management partners including the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, the State of North Carolina, federal agencies, and other higher education institutions.

Engaging in an integrated and coordinated emergency management program provides the campus with a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced vulnerability and exposure to future crisis and disaster events;
  • Protection of life, property, the environment, essential services, and critical facilities;
  • Diminished post-disaster economic hardship for the campus and community;
  • Reduced short-term and long-term recovery and reconstruction costs;
  • Quicker resumption of University functions, including education, research, and business systems; and
  • Increased cooperation and communication within the community through the planning process, training, and exercising.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Emergency Management is to provide an integrated, comprehensive emergency management program for UNC Asheville. The office is responsible for the preparedness training and coordination of emergency response and recovery efforts for natural, manmade or technological hazards that could adversely affect all members and sustainable operations of the campus community. Through collaborative internal and external partnerships the office works towards ensuring a disaster resilient environment for faculty, students, staff and visitors.