BulldogAlert is UNC Asheville's emergency alert messaging system which is used to send emergency messages within minutes of a critical incident affecting the campus community. Alerts sent via BulldogAlert are simulcast to the university community and at bulldogalert.unca.edu

Notification methods include:

  • Email messages
  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messages
  • Messages via VoIP Phones
  • External & Internal Speakers
  • Digital Signs
  • Social Media

The university will also post updates during a critical incident on the UNC Asheville homepage and social media sites as information becomes available. The BulldogAlert website can always be accessed from the bottom of any unca.edu page via the "Emergency Information" link.

UNC Asheville performs a university-wide test of the system annually.

How to Register for BulldogAlert

BulldogAlert is an opt-out system. Students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled in Bulldog Alert with contact information registered with the university. Students, Faculty and Staff can opt-out of messages or verify contact information online.

Parents, Community Members, and University Affiliates (UNC-Pharmacy School students, or NC State students attending classes at UNC Asheville) can register to receive alerts (registration for BulldogAlert as a Parent, External Institution, or University Affiliate is valid until June 1 of each year.).

What Initiates an Emergency Alert?

Emergency alerts could be initiated by a broad range of situations. Once designated university officials confirm the existence of any significant emergency or dangerous situation that potentially affects the health and/or safety of the campus community they will send out an emergency alert. For more information on the notification channels and the Emergency Notification System (ENS) Protocols see the "Emergency Notification Protocol" section.

Questions about the system? Contact the Emergency Management Director, David Weldon, at dweldon@unca.edu or University Police at police@unca.edu.