Specific Scenarios

There are plans in place for the following specific scenarios:

Pandemic Flu Response

This plan details incident level responsibilities of various departments and units in the event of a pandemic flu. The UNC Asheville Pandemic Flu Ad Hoc Planning Committee reviewed and updated a plan previously generated by UNC General Administration. The plan is subject to review and editing to address incident specific needs, strategies and protocols. Responsible departments and entities continually forward editorial changes to the appropriate departments and offices. This document incorporates good preparedness, response, recovery and sustainability planning guidance and procedures from various sources, to include Federal, State and local entities, academic institutions, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), public health officials and non-profits and volunteer agencies.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation

The objectives of the University of North Carolina Asheville Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan are to incorporate and coordinate all the facilities and personnel of the University to form an efficient organization, capable of reacting adequately and appropriately in the face of any disaster and to conduct such operations as the nature of the disaster requires, whether it be to combat a local emergency or to assist other jurisdictions in the event of an emergency.

Emergency response plans adopted by a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina, a community college, or a public hospital as defined in G.S. 159‑39 and the records related to the planning and development of these emergency response plans are not public records as defined by G.S. 132-1 and shall not be subject to inspection and examination under G.S. 132-6. (2001-500, s. 3.1.)